Yu-Gi-Oh! - Wild Survivors Booster Pack

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This 60-card set brings three new compelling strategies that can dominate duels! Each theme has a unique play style to explore - find the strategy that suits you best!

Giant dinosaurs that have evolved to use different types of summoning! Wild Survivors introduces new dinosaur monsters for your Extra Deck, including a Fusion, a Synchro, and an Xyz Monster! Whether you're looking to expand your existing dinosaur deck or are building one for the first time, you'll find the cards you need in Wild Survivors!

A ritual summoning strategy that will introduce your opponent to a whole new world of monstrous cuisine! Cook your opponent's monsters and serve them a full meal that will fight back. Once you Ritual Summon your first monster and the special condition is met, it can Tribute itself and Summon 1 of your opponent's monster to summon the next monster on the menu!

The Wild Survivors Booster Set contains:

  • 10 Ultra Rares
  • 15 super rares
  • 35 rares

A booster pack contains 7 cards

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