PSA Grading Middleman Service

Have your trading cards checked for authenticity and condition by the world's leading grading company PSA and then protected in their iconic case. We at take care of the entire process with PSA, as well as the return shipment to you - simple and easy!

Deadline May Submission

Ends June 1, 2024 at 12:00 am

Service level comparison

A table comparing the facets of 3 products
Service Level
Service Level
TCG Bulk
Value Bulk
Estimated turnaround time at PSA
Estimated turnaround time at PSA
45 working days
45 working days
10 working days
Maximum value per card (graded)
Maximum value per card (graded)

2. Checkout & Shipping Costs

During checkout you will be asked to enter the delivery address for the return and to select your desired shipping option - You can choose between A-Post Priority with or without Transport Insurance Plus or pick up your submission free of charge.

  • A-Post Priority

    Shipping costs per submission - CHF 9.-
    Different service levels are charged additionally.

    All entries will be returned to customers using this shipping method as standard following the grading process. The shipments are insured against loss, damage and incorrect delivery up to a value of CHF 500.- and are usually delivered on the next working day (after being delivered to the shipping service provider).

  • A-Post Priority (including Transport Insurance Plus)

    Shipping costs per submission - CHF 16.-
    Different service levels are charged additionally.

    If your submission exceeds a total card value of CHF 500, we recommend return shipping including Transport Insurance Plus. Enjoy all the benefits of A-Post Priority with an insured goods value of up to CHF 5,000 in the event of loss, damage or incorrect delivery (delivery only takes place with a signature or delivery approval).

3. Fill out the grading form

As soon as you have received an order confirmation via email for your grading tickets, you can start preparing your submission.

In a first step, we need a detailed list of all cards that should be submitted - you must use the linked grading form for this.

Please send the completed form to and enclose a printed form with your cards.

You can find a description of each form field in the FAQ.

4. Packing & Shipping

  • Prepare your submission for shipping them to us - Be sure to store each card individually in a soft card sleeve (no precise fit sleeves) and then in a Semi Rigid Card Holder or Card Saver (No Toploaders) - You can find suitable accessories for shipping in our online shop.

    An additional CHF 1 packaging surcharge will be charged for each card that is not packaged correctly, which may also result in delays.

    In addition to the protective measures mentioned above, we recommend that you protect the submission from sliding around in the package and potential damage during transport using bubble wrap or other packaging material.

  • If you are satisfied with your package and have enclosed the grading form, you can send it to the following address:

    Cardmaniac GmbH
    Bahnhofstrasse 47
    5600 Lenzburg


You have purchased your grading tickets, completed the grading form and your submission is on its way to us? Then you can now sit back and look forward to the return of your newly graded treasures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is grading and why should I have my cards graded?

Grading involves having your trading cards checked for condition and authenticity by a professional grading company (such as PSA). The cards are then sealed in a transparent case and thus protected from external influences - the condition of the card is also described on the case with a label.

You can grade your trading cards for a variety of reasons:

  • Protection of the condition by enclosing the card in a case
  • Increase in the value of the card (through proof of good condition)
  • Confirmation of the authenticity of the card
  • You simply like the look of graded cards in a case

Which cards can I grade?

PSA grades a variety of trading cards and objects. You can find an overview of collectibles already assessed by PSA in their Population Report . Please note that Cardmaniac GmbH only offers the grading service for cards (not oversize cards).

Our service currently does not offer authentication and evaluation of autograph cards.

When will my cards be sent to PSA after they arrive at your office?

We always prepare and send out PSA submissions in the first week of each month. For you, this means that your cards must arrive at our office no later than the last day of the previous month in order to be sent with this submission - submissions that we receive at a later date will be sent to PSA the following month.

Service Level

Estimated turnaround time for PSA

This value indicates approximately how long it takes PSA to process your cards. The number of days between the arrival date at PSA and the shipping date to Cardmaniac GmbH is measured.

These values ​​are provided by PSA and are estimates only and are not binding.

With shorter processing times, you can usually look forward to a quicker return of your cards!

Maximum value per card (graded)

When selecting your grading tickets, it is very important to consider the maximum value of the cards. If a graded card exceeds the maximum value specified by your grading ticket, PSA may charge a value surcharge, which we will pass on to the customer - the cards will only be returned to the customer after full payment.

How do I find out the maximum value of my card?

You can find out the approximate value of your card in the PSA Price Guide . PSA requires that the value is specified for the graded card, so you'll have to estimate the condition in advance and incorporate it into the evaluation. You can find an overview of the possible grades in the PSA Grading Standards .

If you can't find what you're looking for in the Price Guide, you can also find out the value based on some recently sold offers on Ebay.

Grading form

How do I fill out the individual fields in the grading form?

Enter the order number from your order confirmation here (format: #1234)

Service Level
Grading level of your submission.
(For different grading levels, fill out multiple grading forms per order!)

Number sent in per card.
(If an identical card is sent in multiple times, indicate the total number of this card)

The year the card was released.

Name of the license or sport of the trading card.
(E.g. Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, football, basketball, etc.)

Name of the set in which the card was released.
(E.g. Base Set, Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon, Topps Chrome, etc.)

Number of the card.
(Ex. 6/102, LOB-001, etc.)

Name of the card.
(Ex. Gyarados, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Lionel Messi, etc.)

Trading card language.

Wert Total
Estimated card value of your card when graded.
(If an identical card is sent in multiple times, state the total value of these cards)

My submission

Where can I find the current status of my submission?

You can track your submission directly via the order page in your customer account.

I would like to pick up my submission after grading - what do I have to do?

You have the option to pick up your cards from us after grading and save the cost of return shipping by selecting "Pickup" in the checkout during shipping - You will be notified by us as soon as your cards are graded and ready for pickup.