Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Perfect Combination Premium Pack Set PP14 (Zenkai Series EX Set 06)

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Massive expansion of the new “Z-Extra” cards with popular items like the “Scouter” and other special moves!

Famous characters from different eras with the keyword “combination”!

The long-awaited return of Ultra Instinct Son Goku as a leader card from the Universe Survival Saga is here! Surpass Son Goku's limits with this Ultra Instinct card featuring an extremely beautiful illustration! The fan-favorite "Combination" deck of the Son Goku and Son Gohan team from the Android Cell Saga is extremely powerful! Your favorite Dragon Ball characters team up in Set 06 for a new gaming experience!

Fan Favorite Character as GOD RARE!

Including the coveted GOD RARE (DDR) card with a low discount price! This time is a character form that all fans have been waiting for!

Get an SR or SPR as a box topper!

SR or SPR box toppers remain for Z06! Players are guaranteed to receive one of these rare cards in each booster box to play or collect!

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game - Perfect Combination Premium Pack Set contains:

  • 4 Perfect Combination Booster Packs
  • 2 limited promo cards (identical cards)

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