Magic: The Gathering - Murders at Karlov Manor Commander deck

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Start the investigation and find the murderer of Karlov Manor ... before it hits you next!

Agents Alquist Proft, Kaya and Kellan will follow the trail with you - Join forces to form an unbeatable team and use curiosity, logic and charm to uncover the eerie secrets of the Karlov estate. Unmask the nefarious masterminds of this series of murders in Magic: The Gathering - Murders at Karlov Manor.

Every Murders at Karlov Manor Commander deck includes:

  • 1 ready-to-play deck of 100 Magic cards (2 legendary traditional foil cards, 98 non-foil cards)
  • a Collector Booster sample pack containing 2 cards
  • 1 display commander card as an etched foil card
  • 10 double-sided token cards
  • 1 deck box (with space for 100 cards including sleeves)
  • 1 life point wheel
  • 1 strategy supplement
  • 1 rule reference card

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