Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic

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Experience the timeless joy of the Pokémon Trading Card Game with Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic - a product designed specifically for fans who want to enjoy friendly competition anytime, anywhere! Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic features a foldable, portable two-player game board with space for your Active Pokémon, Benched Pokémon, Deck, and Prize Cards. There's even a compartment in the middle of the board that can store up to three decks and a toolbox with supplies for battle.

Dive back into days gone by and celebrate Bulbasaur , Charizard , and Turtok from the Base Set with three specially crafted decks featuring these fully evolved first partner Pokémon from the Kanto region. These decks also feature newly printed cards that follow these classics, giving you the opportunity to develop fresh strategies with previously unseen cards like Ho-Oh-EX and Lugia-EX . With the exception of the basic energy cards, the cards in these decks are not tournament eligible. But as the game continues to evolve, these pre-built decks are perfect for challenging friends and family to timeless Pokémon TCG duels. All Pokémon Trading Card Game cards in Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic are only available in English.

The toolbox contains stackable damage counters that clearly show how much damage has been dealt to a Pokémon. There are also three-dimensional tokens for poison and combustion, as well as metal balls that can be used instead of Pokémon coins. In the middle of the toolbox there is a small track on which you can roll the metal balls. If the ball lands in a hole outlined in white, it counts as a head. If it lands in a black-lined hole, it counts as a tail. With Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic you'll never have to search for dice or coins again.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic contains:

  • A game board that folds up to hold all of the included Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic items
  • A toolbox to store stackable damage tokens, poison and burn tokens, and metal balls.
  • Three Pokémon Trading Card Game decks featuring Bulbasaur, Charizard, and Turtok, plus new cards that join these classics.
  • Three deck boxes with matching energy symbols for the included Pokémon Trading Card Game deck.

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