Yu-Gi-Oh! - Ancient Guardians Booster Display

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With the release of Ancient Guardians in spring 2021, powerful new monsters await us! This 60-card booster set includes three all-new strategies, as well as older cards that enhance those strategies. Similar to Toon Chaos and Genesis Impact, 15 cards from this set will also be available as Collector's Rares, including a combination of new cards and beloved classics.

A fascinating new graveyard strategy enters the stage! Ancient Guardians also brings rare, older cards and fills your graveyard with enough monsters so you can bravely face your opponent.

Immerse yourself in the world of pendulum summoning and create a completely new harmony! Pay close attention to your monsters' Pendulum Scales and maximize your Pendulum Summons. In Ancient Guardians you'll also find classic cards like Luster Pendulum, the Dragon Vanquisher, and Zündster Prominence, the blasting Dragon Vanquisher.

Finally, enjoy a new Synchro Summon theme that's so cool it'll send shivers down your opponent's spine! The "Ursarctic" monsters thrive in negative temperatures, where Synchro Monsters can be Special Summoned. Instead of looking at the sum of the levels of a tuner and a non-tuner, in this case the difference in levels is taken into account! However, note that this is not a Synchro Summon! Start with Ursarctic Polari, the first level 1 Synchro Monster you need to summon Ursarctic Septentrion - an incredible Synchro Monster that can suppress the effects of unlevel monsters!

The complete booster set from Ancient Guardians contains 60 cards:

  • 10 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 15 Super Rare Cards
  • 35 rare cards

15 cards in the set are also available as "Collector's Rares"!

Each booster display contains 24 booster packs of 7 cards each.

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